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Welcome to the official website for Joseph Payne!

Joseph Payne is an American actor from the San Francisco Bay Area. While growing up in Silicon Valley, Joseph always loved being creative and showing his talents. He finally decided at age 12 that he wanted to be an actor. He took what classes he could during middle school and high school toward this goal. While in high school he realized that he also wanted to write and direct movies. To get practice for himself in acting and behind the camera work, he gathered some of his friends together and formed a student film making group. As time went on, Joseph got more serious about his training as an actor and about making movies. In college he majored in film at De Anza Community College and San Jose State University until graduating in 2014. Since graduating from college he has worked as an extra on a couple of films including the earth quake disaster movie San Andreas. He has also worked on some independent films in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

Since May of 2012, Joseph has been operating a YouTube channel under the user name Nintendo Reviewer. On this channel he produces video reviews of various video games that have been released on Nintendo home consoles and also makes videos discussing gaming relating topics. In 2018 he began producing and acting in a web series on his channel called Silver Screen Showdown. It is a show that features various characters in cross overs facing off in live action fight scenes.

In 2007, Joseph gained a huge passion for martial arts. Since then he has trained in various forms such as Jeet Kune Do, Capoeira, Aikido, Eskrima and Bok Fu Do. His main martial art style however is an American hybrid system called Kajukenbo. He has been training in Kajukenbo since 2011 and now holds a 1st degree black belt in the system. He now uses the training he received to choreograph fight scenes for indie films he is called to as well as a web series he started on his Nintendo Reviewer YouTube channel. He hopes to work as a fight choreographer and martial arts stunt man in addition to acting, directing and writing. 

Joseph is a mix of Panamanian, Italian, Spanish, Black Foot Native, and Scottish ethnicity. 

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